Converse Swarovski Galaxy


These Chuck Taylor All Star converse have been customized with a gradient of Swarovski Strass by ATPIK Custom Sneakers. A pair of elegant Swarovski Converse that shines!

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Converse Swarovski Galaxy

The Converse Swarovski Galaxy, personalized Converse with a light gradation of Swarovski strass. This pair of personalized Converse will not go unnoticed with its Swarovski rhinestones of unequalled brilliance! The Converse Swarovski Galaxy, more than a pair of shoes, real jewels at your feet.

Also discover the version Swarovski Galaxy Converse Baby.
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Customized shoes for a unique style


ATPIK is the fusion between the world of shoes (sneakers) and the world of art and design. It is this mix that gave birth to this project of customized shoes. At ATPIK we believe that everyone should be able to express their personality through their style, and that starts with the shoes.

We work on any brand or model without restrictions to make a unique customised pair that will perfectly reflect your personality. Our customization techniques are also applicable to other media such as leather goods, luggage, clothing and many others. Don't hesitate to entrust us with your wildest customization projects.

Since 2015, we have been developing ever more innovative customisation techniques to offer you ever more possibilities in terms of customised shoes. We use ultra-resistant professional products that guarantee you a customised pair of shoes that are 100% wearable like a classic pair.

ATPIK is a Custom Shoe Collection unique with its elaborate designs. Each model is designed in our workshop. We always make sure to propose a customization in accordance with the design of the initial pair to offer you customized sneakers easy to wear and to match with your outfits. We also offer a personalization service Made to measure at the cutting edge of customization. Give free rein to your imagination to create THE PAIR of customized shoes you've always dreamed of, a unique model that will fit you perfectly.

When you wear a work of art on your feet, you have to take care of it. Discover our range of protection and cleaning products for custom shoes and keep your custom shoes in perfect condition for a long time!


Custom Converse Shoes at ATPIK CUSTOM SNEAKERS

A bit of history


The Converse All Star was born in 1915 out of the "Converse Rubber Shoe Company" that we know today as the "Converse". At the time, the company specialized in the manufacture of rubber clogs worn, among others, by inmates in American prisons. At the time, the model was named "A11 Star" and was designed for playing basketball.

In order to make his model known in American universities, Converse called upon the basketball player Chuck Taylor in 1921. Chuck set up a team called "All Stars" to tour universities and give demonstrations. The success was so great that the model was renamed "All Star" in reference to this team.

It was not until 1932 that Converse changed the name of this model to "Chuck Taylor All Star" to pay homage to the basketball player who created the legend of this model that is now known to all. The Converse Chuck Taylor will then be the pair impossible to circumvent of all the basketball players until the end of the Sixties.

The star shoes of the sneaker courts also managed to make their mark outside sports circles as early as 1950, thanks in particular to James Dean, who wore a pair of "Chuck Taylor All Star" shoes in the film "The Fury of Life". But it was not until 1969, with the death of the late Chuck Taylor, that the Converse became the benchmark for the SNEAKERS that it is today.

The Converse Chuck Taylor have also infiltrated the music world. Big names such as Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, members of the Rolling Stones or The Who have contributed to the legend of this pair of shoes.

Despite its success, sales dropped in the 2000s and the brand finally accepted Nike's takeover offer in 2003. This buyout did not signal the death of the Converse, on the contrary, Nike put all its technological know-how in sneakers at the disposal of the brand by releasing in 2016 the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II, a much more comfortable and resistant version of the original Chuck Taylor All Star.

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